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    So you want to join waffles?


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    So you want to join waffles? Empty So you want to join waffles?

    Post by Aavery on Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:35 pm

    Hello everyone Very Happy
    I'm glad to see you are interested in joining the most awesome guild ever, WAFFLES! I'll will give you an example of a good app here.

    Game name:



    What other guilds have you been in if any:

    Any kos on you or do you have a personal kos:

    How active are you? How many days a week do you play?:

    Any Alts? Their level and class:

    How experienced are you with fb's and bosses?

    Also any thing you want to add, where you live, how old are you, interests, what kind of humor you have, and any other little tidbits of information about your self you want to add.

    Your app doesn't have to be fancy or long just informative.

    Here is what my app would look like:


    cleric (full support)

    Level 51


    I have no KOS on me and I have no personal ones

    I usually play at least once every night I try to be on as much as possible.

    I have one alt named Azil, a level 31 veno

    I consider myself experienced with bosses and fb's. I know my way around them and what to do pretty well.

    I am currently living in Texas and going to school for teaching. I'm 18 and I work as a florist, my favorites things in life are cartoons (sponge bob, fairly odd parents, herculoids and others) friends and laughing. I really don't have one type of humor I consider my self a lover of all comedy. I enjoy all kinds from slap stick to dark humor.

    So please start a new thread! Happy gaming.

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